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The Mountains Were Calling (Part II)

Writing today's post couldn't come at a better time- the temperature is in the 70s and the breeze is a welcome sign of Fall's approach. I've been prepping for classes to start on Monday but decided to take some personal time and enjoy this mild weather from my deck chairs, complete with Esme lounging on my lap. I've mastered multitasking while accommodating her neediness.

The Mountains Were Calling (Part I)

For the 11 years of our marriage we have always traveled at least 5 hours for vacation. We've played on sandy beaches of OBX, Charleston, Destin, Nassau and St. Augustine. We've also traveled by rail to NYC. Each year we say, "let's do a mountain vacation next year." But, the warm beaches and ocean breezes typically tug at our hearts and pull us back. 


It took a little time, but I have officially become an "oily." I don't know about you, but I am a skeptic. The "in" product of the moment is a deterrent for me. So, what's led me to become a believer of essential oils?


Ready, set, reset. Happy New Year to you all! It may be the 15th of January but today marks my true mental reset full of new year goals and let go's.

A Decade in "I Do"


After a hiatus to manage distance and life and celebrate togetherness, I'm excited to rejoin the blogosphere.
Welcome to Folk + Honey 2016 {almost 2017}!

Live in His Wonder

The past few weeks have been... different, to say the least. With my husband miles away pursuing his dream that is nothing less than challenging, we have been in a state of wonder. We wonder what the other is doing, how the other is feeling, what life will be like after the training period, but most all, how great our Savior's works are. I have shared my heart's will to invest in wonder (here) and am grateful for this platform to remind myself, challenge myself, and praise Him for His wondrous works.