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The weather may say otherwise, but Christmas is only three days away! Santa already visited once this weekend, but will return. My brother and his wife came to town this weekend for the holiday due to work schedules conflicting with Christmas. It's the first Christmas in my parents new home and it felt like we've been here for years. The celebration was a little different from our past holidays: no traditional large breakfast due to family portraits that morning, steak and deer meat (of course) for dinner, and a mid-day gift exchange. But, the early holiday and variance in tradition didn't change our Christmas spirit! Family is most important to us (behind our Savior, Jesus Christ) so our hearts were happy! And, the home looks a Christmas portrait- perfect tree and decor.

You might be wondering if Santa was good to me this year. The answer is: better than I imagined, which is typical. If you read my letter to Santa, you know I was willing to sell the contents of my home for Anthropologie. My mother, um Santa, paid attention! Then, there's the TOMS wedges I've wanted and Betsey Johnson bag, both of which also found their way under the tree. Combined with home decor and scents, my gifts were very generous. 
earband  /  wedges  /  jeans  /  bag (black/leopard no longer available)  /  headband set

The earband shown is not the actual one I received. Mine is quite sparkly and I love it! Unfortunately, it's sold out. These jeans are incredibly flattering and work wonders for any body type. Online images of the bag do not do it justice. In fact, my mom (I mean Santa) didn't want to buy it because she (he) didn't like it. But, after seeing it in person, my mother thinks she needs one too. So, I'm on the hunt.

There's one thing that matters more to me than any gift I could receive. I get just as much joy in seeing others enjoy their gifts as I do receiving gifts. I was all smiles! The hubby and I don't exchange gifts until Christmas Day, but I expect he will treat me well! Christmas Eve is reserved for his family and snow is in the forecast! Let it Snow!

Merry Christmas


There's one thing on my mind this winter- fur, faux that is. Last year I invested in a few pieces with fur accents and I've been in love since. Here are a few of my favorite faux fur loves.

All three outwear pieces are on sale at none other than Anthropologie. There's something about fur that instantly makes you feel warm despite cold temps and strong winds.

Thanks for stopping by and stay warm!


lipstick  /  necklace (J.Crew)  /  kit (J.Crew)  /  earmuffs (Kate Spade)
Looking for gift suggestions? Or, looking to buy stocking stuffers? These are sure to please any glam gal (hint, hint).
First, this Retro Matte lipstick in Flat Out Fabulous is, well... flat out fabulous. It's the perfect combination of pink and purple. I ordered it last week and have worn it every day since receiving it! Therefore, I'm going to need another in no time. I highly recommend this shade for any skin tone.
What girl doesn't love pearls? Add gold and emerald accents and the necklace becomes nothing less than stunning. I can see this paired with a classic sweater, vintage dress, or flannel button-up. I need this. Pronto!
Ever find yourself needing a safety pin, tissue, floss, etc.? I know I do, and quite frequently. Here's where this adorable, yet fully loaded, girly kit comes in. Anything us gals need is covered.
Lastly, I love something a little unexpected in my stocking. These earmuffs are so me! I am admittedly a geek, yet chic. It's my identity and who better to advertise it than Kate Spade.
All these items are perfect- from trendy colors to usability to wittiness, I'm sold! Now, someone fill my stocking.


Dear Santa,

There are only 16 days until... gifts! Ok, so maybe I should be a little more caring about family time and celebrating the birth of Christ versus gift hunting. But, in my defense, I have been a very kind, encouraging, helpful, responsible young lady this year... That should count for something, right?

I know it's a little late to share my Christmas wishlist, but I've been devoting all my time and energy to my children (aka incredibly talented but sometimes needy students).
Yes, I'm making a plea for gifts!

To help save you time, I'm sharing my list with the worldwide web. That means, you can access my list 24/7, have pics, AND links to locate the gifts! What more could you ask for?
1. dress // 2. shoes // 3. earrings // 4. jacket // 5. hat // 6. lipstick (MAC Retro Matte)


It's been one of those weeks. I've worked at least ten hours the past five days, but it's all been worth it! Student campaign pitches to clients are well underway and all have been outstanding. Yep, I'm a proud teacher!
But, I've missed my husband! We had a few hours to spend some together today, so we headed to Bristol, Virginia to enjoy the Christmas sights, and a little shopping.
  No shopping trip is complete without a stop by my favorite local boutique. If you've read my blog before, you'll know I LOVE Serendipity Boutique. With locations in Johnson City, Tennessee and Bristol, Virginia, the options are varied and I always find something. Okay, several somethings...
Shop along with me as I show you all that's golden and bright at Serendipity Boutique.

This adorable vest made its way to my closet. Love! And, only $65.

This BB Dakota sweater is a beautiful color and the sparkle is just right.

Obviously, animal prints are a must this season. Check out that skirt. Only $45!
For all things Serendipity, click here.
Once shopping was complete, we walked the streets to take in the Holiday spirit. My peppermint oreo milkshake was the perfect accessory, despite the 30 degree temp.


The Bristol Ballet features The Nutcracker next weekend. This display reminded me of my past days when I performed in the iconic seasonal performance. Too bad I was always a boy because I was so tall...

As the sun faded, the Bristol sign took center stage downtown.
Enjoy the Christmas season and don't forget to shop local. You'll find unique pieces all while benefiting the town you love. 



With Thanksgiving officially behind us, I've started my countdown to Christmas! But, I'm not rushing it as I have much to do before Santa makes his annual visit.
 It seems as though Thanksgiving is a rushed holiday. I hope you enjoyed gathering and making memories with family and friends! I sure did. I'm thinking of renaming my blog after my mom declared me "A Country Girl in Designer Jeans." And why this statement? Our Thanksgiving consisted of a trophy deer... I'll let the picture do the explaining. WARNING: it's a little on the graphic side if you're opposed to hunting.


My favorite holiday is quickly approaching.
Storefronts are alive with lights and glitter, trees are decorated with ornaments from the past, and smells of peppermint and cranberry fill the air.
Christmas is the one time of year I can count on creating memories with ALL my loved ones, from my brother and sister-in-law to my husband's cousins.
With holiday parties on the calendar, it's time to find those special dresses to make us shine.
Fun & Flirty
Formal but Sassy
Top it off with a black dress topper or fur jacket.
Make a Statement
And... If you want jaws to drop
My second installment of Countdown to Christmas comes next week.
Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!


This past weekend was one of celebration, reminiscing, and pretending. My husband's high school is being demolished, replaced by a larger, tech advanced building. School colors being red and Viking blue (yes, "viking" blue), he truly bleeds "Viking" blue. His experience was unmatched; he was an outstanding student, athlete, and friend. Unfortunately, I never shared in his four year journey as we attended different schools and didn't meet until college.
With the destruction pending, school officials decided the building deserved a farewell celebration. So, we set off for his "home", walked the hallways one last time, sat in desks while staring at blank chalkboards imagining them filling with knowledge to share, cheered "Let's Go Vikings", reminisced with classmates and teachers, and had one final run of the bases. It was a fulfilling experience to finally spend a day in high school walking hand-in-hand.
We turned this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity into a pretend high school date. So, naturally, he took me for dessert at the town ice cream shop and then headed to the local park and walking trail for some fun and foliage admiring. We also managed to catch a sneak peek of the production crew and sets for the movie Big Stone Gap, which is of course being filmed in the town. I felt like a giddy high school girl. We always wondered what it would have been like to date in high school and we finally got our answer!

He dug out his hat, dirt stains and all

 Set in the 70's


But the fire is so delightful
Let it Snow!
The first snowflakes of the season are set to fall tomorrow and although it seems a little odd considering it was a gorgeous day today, I'm actually looking forward to cozying up in layers, boots, and warming accessories.
Here a few suggested go-to pieces sure to keep those chills away.


My health issues are fortunately leveling, so that means one thing: I'm back to exercising. Although I have to be more cautious of potential neck strains, I'm feeling stronger with each workout.
Since being introduced to kettle bells, I've been hooked. But, many exercises using this equipment aggravate my neck. So, I've taken what I can do and combined those with body weight and cardio exercises. Here's a recent series.


Today's post is a little different from my usual. I'm sharing a few tips/fashion favorites from bloggers I adore!


Since August 2012, I have been "documenting" my journey in this tickled life. What began as a journal of sorts, sharing personal experiences, my blessings, and my passions in all things glamorous, has turned into yet another passion. I have always found writing to be therapeutic. I've enjoyed chatting with other contributors and followers, and even reconnecting with hometown friends through my blog.

Due to health complications, I had to step away for a bit, but have been back it and plan to share even more. In the short time that I've returned to blogging, you have been so supportive and sharing your love for my blog. I am overwhelmed by the chatter. So, for that, I say
Stay tuned for more in all things tickled!


Wow, do I miss home today! My social media is buzzing with pictures of the season's first snowflakes. I appreciate my small, cozy town more and more every day!
In celebration of my Southern heart and the cooler days, I pulled out my plaid and fringe!


Back to School Wish List Part IV

Fall has moved up the ranks to become my favorite season! The colors and comfort of Autumn are unbeatable. No outfit is complete without accessories. From jewelry to makeup, accessories help make a look its best. Today, I'm sharing my must have accessories for cooler days and autumn colors: scarves, jewelry, & makeup.
How cute is this SS Print Shop print?  Perfect for today's post.

R & R & R

High School Reunion, Class of 2013

I know you know the meaning of R & R. With a few days of break from work in honor of the semester midpoint, I headed home for a little rest and relaxation.
But, there was a third 'R' I was looking even more forward to- my 10 year high school reunion!

Pinch Me

"Limitations are often self imposed." unknown author
Today's entry is inspired by this quote and my recent visit to my undergrad alma mater.
Have you ever had those "pinch me" moments? Those experiences that you can't believe are real? I've lost count of how many of those moments I've had just this year, or, in the last few months.

Love is in the Air

Fall is officially here and I couldn't be happier. This season is my favorite. I love it all- the cool air, autumn leaves, the scents and flavors of pumpkin and honey crisp apples, and of course, layers of clothing.
To kick off the season and enjoy Travis' last weekend off work, we had planned a short weekend getaway to the mountains of North Carolina but that was cut short when Esme fell under the weather. Fortunately, it only took a day of rest for her to feel better, so on Sunday we headed to the quaint, romantic town of Blowing Rock.  

Look Who's Back

I may have been absent for several weeks, but I'm back.

Friday Favorites: Back to School Wish List Part III

Today's Friday Favorites post could get lengthy... I'm talking shoes today and anyone who knows me knows I L.O.V.E. shoes. From flats to heels to wedges to boots, I've got 'em all and always want more! With fall just around the corner (we've had morning temps in the 50s), I'm in search for a few new pairs for cooler days.
Here's what I've got in my wish list. From classic to a vintage feel, these pairs are sure to fit my varied wardrobe.

Outfits of ROYGBIV: Going Green

Hillary at Intricately Simple and I are back with our next ROYGBIV color: green.

Friday Favorites: Back to School Wish List Part II

I've been so excited to share Part II of my Back to School Wish List ever since I came up with the idea. Ooh la!
Anyway, today I share my back to school wants in Prints & Patterns.
You know animal prints are going to be on my list. I've always had a weakness for animal prints, in particular, leopard. From leopard print skirts, tops, and shoes, I've had it all. Well, almost...
I am dying for this leopard clutch.

Outfits of ROYGBIV: Lady in Red

Hillary from Intricately Simple and I are pleased to present our second installment of our collaboration, Outfits of ROYGBIV.
We're showcasing RED, and I must say I love this color on us both! My closet used to be full of the vibrant, commanding color. But, it soon gave way to orange and coral. After feeling like a true Lady in Red in today's outfit, it's time to stock back up!
Top / Pants / Heels (sold out) (want) / Jewelry (Serendipity Boutique) / Sunglasses
With only a skirt and top in the color of choice, I finally chose the top. Paired with everyday black ankle pants, metallic shoes, and gold jewelry, it is one of my favorite outfits for a slightly cooler day. This top is a soft silk and will be perfect tucked in a skirt or paired with skinny jeans.  
Let's talk about Hillary's look. I am in love with Hillary's dress and accessories! And, I NEED that clutch! Her style screams future PR mogul! Be sure to check out her blog.
You'll have to excuse the background in today's photos... The rain hampered our photo shoot location.
What's your favorite red piece?
Thanks for stopping by!


Friday Favorites: Back to School Wish List

It's a new day in a new month!
Can I just say how much I'm LOVING the cooler mornings and evenings? I know I'm wishing away summer, but I think I've had my share of heat this year...
I'm excited for what this month holds. I'm actually looking forward to seeing the classrooms full again, an active campus, and my office busy with students.
In keeping with the upcoming school year, I thought I would share Part I of my Back to School Wish List for my first, Friday Favorites series post.
Jacket (Anthropologie) / Skirt (Anthropologie) / Shorts (Dillards)

Okay, let's talk about that first outfit! I need (want) that look. Find the dress here.

Tweed Jacket / Peplum Sweater / Yellow Sweater (Other Colors Available) / Floral Sweater
(All Anthropologie)

The emphasis of the post is "wish list." I LOVE Anthropologie. It's my number one store, but my budget doesn't allow me to add these items to my shopping bag (yet). I've shared my key to shopping Anthro, but I'll share again. I create wish lists and check them periodically to see if any items are on sale. Anthro does incredible price reductions that result in prices that fit well within my spending budget. Here's another tip: Anthro typically adds new items to its sale section on Mondays.

Here's the Friday Favorites series schedule.
(I'll continue highlighting my Back to School wish list for August)

Part II: Prints & Patterns
Part III: Shoes
Part IV: Jewelry & Accessories (including makeup)
Part V: Home & Office

Thanks for stopping by!



Where in the world...?

I can't believe how long it's been since I've been in touch! The end of summer is quickly approaching and my work load seems to be amplifying. 

My hubby has been on vacation the past two weeks (woohoo) so between work commitments and spending as much time as possible with him, I've been MIA.

Since returning from my experience of a lifetime in Dubai, Travis was in need of some sand and sun himself. While we couldn't set off for an exotic vacation, we were able to travel to Destin, Florida for a mini-vacay. Our original vacation and anniversary celebration plans included The Big Apple, but we decided to hold off on that trip until fall and enjoy the beach one more time this year. Of course, there were some added benefits to visiting Destin. Travis' best friend from high school is in the Air Force and stationed at Eglin Air Force Base. Guess what his name is? It's a good one- Travis!
It's been years since these two have been together.

Travis and his wife Sarah are parents to four wonderful kids, one girl and three boys. The middle-aged boy, Carter, quickly became my sidekick. He refers to me as "friend" and I absolutely adore that! The kids also had fun with two Travis' around; determining which one they were talking about was quite entertaining sometimes as they decided "dad" was no longer appropriate. 

The beach life would not be in my favor (well, as far as productivity is concerned)... All I wanted to do was lay on the beach (under an umbrella, of course), read, and then snooze. Oh, and eat! Speaking of, today starts portion control. This gal has eaten almost everything in sight since getting back on US soil.

Here are some snapshots of our trip.

Travis loves all things military and aviation. He was in heaven!

Carter starting to warm up to me and my attempt to get the family in a photo.

Eglin Air Force Base

My handsome man enjoying all things Florida.

My "friend." I won even more points when Carter discovered I had Cheetos.

The other Travis, Carter, and Owen. Look at those cheeks!

I had to get a shot of the "Come at me bro" shirt. This is for one of my students.
And, look at that rainbow around the sun!

Of course, we can't forget about the food. McGuire's Irish Pub is the BEST restaurant in Destin. Ever since my trip to Ireland I have craved lamb stew. And not just any lamb stew- lamb stew like I had in Ireland. This restaurant did not disappoint! Those "things" that look egg rolls are just that- Reuben Egg Rolls! The meal was even better with homemade root beer.

Thanks for stopping by!