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A New Indulgence & Start To Clean Eating

Peanut butter, peanut butter fudge, peanut butter cookies, peanut butter cheesecake... Doesn't it all make your mouth water? It does mine, especially the cheesecake! Every time we travel and there's a Cheesecake Factory in the area, my husband HAS to order the Adam's Peanut Butter Cheesecake. His love for peanut butter is hard to beat; he puts peanut butter in/on almost everything! It's crazy, but the protein value is hard to beat... (that's his excuse)

I don't get to indulge in peanut butter; i'm allergic. Sad, right? The temptation is hard to control sometimes, but it just got a lot easier! I've been eating healthier and lighter portions. So, in my search of possible food options, nutritionists suggest almond butter. I've heard it mentioned occassionally, but never thought to try it, until now. I am so thankful I did!

And, so is my husband. But, after three spoonfulls, I hid it from him. He would've had eaten it in no time!

Can you believe I have talked about a food product this much? When you've been deprived and find an alternative (it may even be better than PB), it's a big deal! Nutella is good too, but the nutritional value isn't that great. I can't wait to make almond butter cookies!

If you live in Northeast Tennessee, I suggest you try Jade's Market. It's delicious, reasonably priced, and more importantly, the food has no added MSG or pesticides.

Here's a challenge: DRINK MORE WATER. Here are my goals:

Today: 3 glasses (at least)
Tomorrow: 4 glasses (at least)
And, each day keep increasing the intake by one glass until I meet the recommended consumption of 9 glasses.

I used to drink a bottle each hour of an 8-hour workday. It's time to get back into that routine!

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