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Friday Fun Day: at the doctor?

My first message to you all today, "THANK GOODNESS IT'S FRIDAY!"

For some reason, this has felt like such a long week. So, I'm looking forward to sleeping later tomorrow, enjoying the expected warmer weather, and brightening up the house! The house is decorated for fall/winter, and even though the warmer seasons are still a ways off, I just can't help but to want brighter colors! So, I'm bringing spring to the Fannons!

Now, you may be wondering about the title of today's post... My husband had a doctor's appointment today and it was actually not painful (for me anyway). A few days ago, a cyst popped up on my husband's head and the doctor removed it today. Amazingly, we were in and out of the office in less than 40 minutes. I don't know about your medical appointments, but I usually end up waiting at least 30 minutes to even be called back! After the appointment I needed some retail therapy!

The fun for the day meant a great lunch and a little shopping... I know... My typical enjoyments. My husband and I headed to an organic Thai restaurant. We enjoyed drunken noodles, pineapple fried rice, soup, and spring rolls. Travis was starting to feel a little tired and his head was hurting so he headed home and I headed to the mall.

Here are my fabulous purchases from today
Jessica Simpson. This picture does NOT do this dress justice. It's a gorgeous turquois blue with lace inset at the top and a v in the back.
Pure Sugar. Again, picture does not do it justice. Beautiful orange with flattering seaming.
Spense. I prefer it untied. Great coral and pink color.
Harper and Gray. Great to wear under the orange blazer. And, I will wear with the turquois bubble necklace.
As soon as I have a backdrop, I will start posting pictures of me in my outfits...
The best part- I got all tops on sale with an extra 20% off, and I had a couple Belk bucks. I can't wait until my closet becomes a sea of color!
The evening is coming to a close snuggled on the couch with my baby girl and eating butter pecan ice cream.
I am headed to visit my parents this weekend and cannot wait! We get to enjoy the sun, play on the farm, and make some more design decisions on their new house!
Enjoy your weekend!

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