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Meet your "match"

In  2011, I began a new chapter in life. I was dressed in long pants, a loose t-shirt, hair in a ponytail, and was nervous to the core!

But before I go into the details of that day, here's some background.

I've always felt confident in the gym. I remember in my high school weightlifting course being complimented from the instructor with "you have the best form of anyone in this gym." That was all credit to my father being committed to fitness and sharing it with his children. And, to the fact that I was an athlete. Not a runner, basketball player, etc. I was a dancer and a gymnast.

But, once starting college, I simply let myself go... I knew how to exercise, but just couldn't get in a routine.

Fast forward... I finally had enough. I didn't just desire to look better, as many might think... I needed to feel better! I used to have visible muscles, abs, and energy like no other! So on a cold day in February I met with a trainer for the first time.

There I stood waiting in the gym. A young 26 year old, nervous, and dressed as conservatively as possible. I was low on energy, weak, and my confidence level was almost nonexistent.

Covered in tattoos that all referenced the military, muscular, and bald, I had met my match. From the first day of training I knew he understood me, my goals, what I was capable of, and would push me to the max. Of course, all while listening to my "girl" talk and ensuring my safety.

In a few short weeks, my body began to change. In two months (approximately) I dropped from a size 10-12 to a solid size 6, which was my goal. At that point, I knew I had this. I wanted to continue training but my trainer couldn't commit to the role full time. He had a family, two careers (which I will address), was opening a gym, and had a personal life. So, I continued exercising, without him, but he sent me workouts often.

Me and my husband in St. Augustine.
In celebration of our 5th anniversary, we renewed our vows.
This is also after I was whipped back into shape.
Photo copyright Jessica Leigh Hood Photography

I know this is going to get gushy... But, he truly impacted my life more than he'll know. I'm confident, feel strong, capable, and empowered. Beyond that, I gained a friend and encourager. As a writer and journalist (to an extent), I became intrigued with the stories behind his tattoos. Stories from his career as a U.S. Marine.

There is nothing more I can say than that I RESPECT this man!

He is my "match." Not only do his looks scream fitness junkie, so do his credentials. He is a mixed martial arts fighter- a good one at that! So good, meaning PRO! And, he is a certified fitness trainer.

So who is this match in training heaven?

Meet Adam Mays:

Copyright @2012 Janet Wohler

Here's a brief bio of Adam:
30 yrs old
Competed in MMA since 2005
Marine for 4 yrs, 2 tours in Iraq
Certified Fitness trainer since 2010
Started wrestling and weight training at age 15

On another note, he's an amazing artist.

Just search "Adam Mays MMA" on Google for more information.

Adam will contribute workouts weekly or every 2 weeks! He will keep you in mind! 30 minute routines ideal for the working woman, or individual!

Set goals now! 

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