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Shopping "My" Way

Alright, ladies. When I say "my" way, I'm not talking about dressing like me... I'm talking about my how-to's of shopping.

Just so you know, I'm beyond excited to dress in this season's bright colors and patterns. Florals, neons, creams, black & white, and stripes...EEK! I get giddy just when thinking about it. Especially considering snow is falling as I type.

Anthropologie is my favorite store! From basics to unique clothing and accessories, Anthropologie offers well-made products that are sure to get you noticed. The downside- cost. This chick can't afford to dish out $80 plus for a blouse or $150 plus for a dress. Let's not even discuss the expense of accessories, such as handbags. There is good news though! Anthropologie has a consistent sale section both online and in-store. Since the nearest store location is 4 hours away, I stick with online! Plus, there's more variety. Here are some tips for snatching up items from Anthropologie:

- Create a wish list. I have wish lists for different seasons/events. I pay no attention to cost and add whatever I like. Each Monday, Anthropologie adds items to the sale section, and those sale prices are reflected in the wish list. Check it. You never know when your $150 sweater may be on sale for $40! Last year, I snagged two silk, jewelry adorned blouses for less than $30 each. They were originally over $200! Have an amount in-mind that you would like to spend. If the discount doesn't match it, don't purchase it. Either wait for it to be reduced more, or delete it from the list.

- Don't just visit the sale section and shop from there. Stick to your wish list. Don't get caught up in thinking, "Oh, that top was originally x amount and is not on sale for 1/2 cost." Yeah, it may be a major cost reduction, but do you really like the item and will you really wear it?

- Explore the site's top looks. You'll get inspiration that can help you define your signature style.

My other shopping rules:

- Join email lists. I love Dillards, but again, it's a little distance to the nearest store. About once a month or every two months, Dillards puts clearance an extra 40% off. And, email subscribers receive advance notice of such sales. These sales usually start on Fridays and end on Sundays and often coincide with holidays. The downside is quantities are usually very limited.

Here's what I picked up today:

BCBG: $18.69. Azure
Originally $89

Antonio Melani: $18.89. What girl doesn't need black heels?
Originally $89.99

- Ask sales associates about coupons. We all receive coupons via mail, email, text, etc. Don't assume multiple coupon offers can't be used together. And, if you don't have any coupons, ask! I have never had an associate tell me to go get a paper and cut them out... they have extras at their counters.

- Shop Local.  Okay, so I know I've referred to major chain stores, but I support local retailers! You can find one-of-a-kind, unique, and/or reasonably priced merchandise. My favorite near me: Serendipity Boutique.

But, let's all remember: buy only what you know you will wear! Don't get caught up in offers and buy, buy, buy. 

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