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The Fitness Challenge Starts Today!

Okay, ladies (and gentlemen that may be interested), the day is finally here. It's time to get serious about living healthy. Exercise should be part of our lives (consistently, not just every now-and-then). I know I feel so much better: less headaches, more energy, better posture, and less illness.

My mom is doing Weight Watchers and is having great success! My brother and sister-in-law got serious about health and look and feel amazing! They are such an inspiration.

I am sharing this in hopes it will help you, so here's my personal goals... Yep, I am going to share my clothing size/weight...

When I first embarked on my journey to get back in shape, I set a goal to go from a size 10/12 to a solid size 6. I didn't think so much about weight, as I did about how I felt before I gained weight and steered away from exercise. But, I'll share the weight now because it relates to my goal now. I went from 160lbs to 140lbs during my training period. Since moving and being without a trainer, I've gained 7lbs. Not too bad, but I better get back on track now!

Set your goals and don't give up!

Trainer Adam Mays has developed a fitness program with you in mind. Whether you struggle with exercising, availability, or knowledge of fitness (or maybe a combination of these), his program will help you! Intended to be 30 minute workouts, this first week of the program will challenge you, but hopefully be easy-to-follow.

(Read more about the trainer: "meet your match")

I prefer to start my weeks on Sundays, so today's my first day of Adam's program. Start on whatever day works best for you.

Let's Get Fit: Week 1, Day 1
Target: Upper Body 
For 5 minutes, do as many sets as possible of the following exercises:
(I recommend using a mat/blanket for your knees if you are a beginner.)
Try to remain in the "up" position only resting if you must.
Remember to keep your torso tight and straight. NO Sagging in the back.
Next, do 10, 30 Yard Sprints
(Imagine you are running on a football field if you are running elsewhere.)
15 Minute Cool Down Walk
If you are more accustomed to fitness, you may want to increase the number of reps or time.
My personal note: If you just can't get outside to run or don't have a treadmill, I suggest replacing the sprints with 50 jumping jacks or jogging in place with high knees.
Look for Week 1, Day 2 tomorrow! We'll actually do the exercises on Tuesday, but you'll have it a day ahead to plan!

I just finished my workout in time to watch Iron Man 2

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