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What I'm LOVING Now

This probably won't come as a shock to you, but I am LOVING the sunshine! I actually drove with my windows down (ok cracked) today!

I'm hoping Old Man Winter has taken a vacation until December (I'd push it to January, but who am I kidding).

I've decided to start a new blogging series- What I'm LOVING Now. Original and creative title, right? Every two weeks I'll share my faves in entertainment, fashion & accessories, beauty, home decor, DIY, fitness, dining, travel, faith, and everything in-between.

Here are my latest loves.

Cross Jewelry
This necklace was a Christmas gift from my sweet hubby.
 I love how dainty this piece is.
It's versatile and a great length.
I'm also becoming quite fond of yellow and rose gold; it looks great with my skin tone.
Black & White Mixed with Neons
I'm not typically drawn to black, white, or a combination of the two.
But, I'm loving the trend of mixing black & white with neons.
Here's one outfit I need in my closet!
So, I know I am VERY late in jumping on the ETSY bandwagon.
I recently turned to ETSY in search of art for my office, which I painted turquoise and gray.
I found three perfect watercolor prints.
This site could become a problem for my checkbook... 
Here's one of my purchases.
So this love may be unexpected. But, my hubby is a baseball fan, or more precisely, a Braves fan.
This time of year signals baseball season, which also reminds me that it's Spring.
We always take a trip to see MLB game. I think it's time to order tickets!
Later Sunsets
Another reminder warm weather is on the horizon.
Just being able to leave the blinds open until past 7 p.m. brightens my day!

That's a wrap on what i'm loving now! What are your new loves?


A Rarity for the Fannons

Wow! I can't believe it's been a week since I posted something other than a workout.

So, I will give you a roundup of adventures from the past few weeks.

Two weeks ago was spring break! I headed home to Virginia for several days and then headed to Knoxville with Travis for a day of food, shopping, and laughter. We missed home so much we headed back to Virginia the next day to spend a day on the farm.

Travis was beyond delighted to partake in one of his favorite activities.
I gave it a "shot," but one step at a time for me! Notice my fabulous blue athletic shoes? I had to trade my BCBG heels for more appropriate footwear for the farm.
Now, to more recent adventures.

Friday marked an important day for the Fannons- a "weekend" off together!

Travis was off work Friday and Saturday, which rarely occurs. We decided to have an "us" day Friday and head to see family Saturday. My parents house is nearing completion, so we were able to move some kitchen and spare bedroom goodies.

Back to our Friday adventure- we headed out for dinner and a movie (that may have included a little shopping too). After an Italian meal we headed to see the new release, Olympus Has Fallen. Anyone that knows my husband knows that this movie is right up his alley!

We didn't know showtimes, but arrived early to be sure to get tickets and a good seat.

Well... we were stopped dead in our tracks at this sight.
The theater is no longer in business... we just stood there and stared at the empty walls and gate wondering how we missed the closing of the theater. Turns out that the theater has been closed for a few months. We sure get out a lot, don't we?

We decided not to speed to another theater and ended the night watching a movie at home.

The weekend is nearing its end and tomorrow marks the last Monday of March! I wish you all well!

Week 4 of the Fitness Challenge Starts Today!

Alright fitness junkies! It's here. Week 4 of the Fitness Challenge. I must say, this is my fav week of workouts!

But, first, a message direct from the trainer:

OK people. Here is Month 1. Keep track of times, repetitions, and weight used because your goal for Month 2 is to SMASH every record from Month 1. Get crackin'! Summer is almost here.


- Adam Mays
Remember, if you are unsure how to do an exercise, search it on Google or YouTube.

Good luck my friends!


Do I Need An Intervention By Dr. Phil?

Weekend mornings often begin with my soaps (One Tree Hill and anything on the Style Network), cooking shows, and Dr. Phil.

A recent Dr. Phil episode had me laughing... at him, the "patient," and ME!

Dr. Phil diagnosed his guest as having extreme control and organizational issues. Why? Here are her habits that contributed to this diagnosis:

- Arranging the grocery cart according to product and size. (Such as putting boxes together, fruit together, cans together, etc.)

- Arranging socks, shirts, etc. in drawers according to color, sleeve length, etc.

- Organizing the closets by seasons and clothing type and color.

In viewing this episode and seeing Dr. Phil's shocking responses to her actions, I thought to myself: "I don't see anything wrong with that. I do these things. Is this bad?" And, of course, I had a few good giggles while viewing this as well.

My hubby gets so tickled at me when we go grocery shopping together because I insist on organizing the cart. And, yes, I organize it the same way as described above. It makes it so much easier to pack and clearly see what I have and don't have.

Apparently these organizational patterns are signs of control issues... Here's my response to that: BALDERDASH! I just like knowing where things are, and it's so much easier/quicker to simply find what I need/want.

Today, my "control issues" came out while grocery shopping and organizing my closet in preparation of warmer weather.

It's glorious!

Shoes organized by style (wedges, pumps, flats, sandals, etc.), pants and skirts organized by length and color, dresses organized by color, and tops organized by style (tshirts, sweaters, and blouses) and then by color.

Maybe it's extreme... But, at least I know I'm not alone in my organizational ways.

btw, my hubby gets the biggest closet and it's organized following the same pattern of style and color. ; )

Spring Essentials to Drool For

March is keeping us on our toes. I don't think I've ever seen the weather forecast change as often as it is now! Saturday's forecast has changed from sunny and temps in the 60s to rain and temps in the 40s and back to temps in the 60s with a slight chance of showers...

This roller coaster weather pattern got me thinking: What are some essentials I will need in my closet to make it through Spring?

Here they are, starting from the top down:

Blouses. I prefer 3/4 sleeves in silk! I also love a v-neck. This helps elongate the body while also showing some hint of skin. I ADORE this top from Fossil. Yes, it's super expensive. But, give it a few weeks and it will go on sale.

Layering t's and tanks.

Cardigans. Again, I look for 3/4 sleeves while also trying to find unique touches to this seasonal must-have. I found this black cardigan that works so well with my short sleeve and sleeveless tops. Notice the small detail of gold buttons. Of course, my fav store, Anthropologie, has many to choose from. I also suggest adding even more color to your wardrobe, such as with this cardigan.

Light jackets. IN LOVE with this one.

Colored ankle denim. Kut from the Kloth is the BEST denim brand for my body type. I don't have to buy a long length (which is almost unheard of for a 5'11" chicka), they have a higher waistline, and are made of a soft, stretchy material. Be sure to read the details about the different fits offered. You can find this brand at Macys as well.

Mid-length to long skirts. Again, look for bright colors! Fossil once again has a beautiful option.

Flats, like this pair.

Sunglasses. I highly suggest investing in a durable pair. And, if you wear driving glasses, go ahead and get prescription lenses in your sunglasses! This has SAVED me from headaches! If you don't need prescription lenses and aren't concerned about durability, have fun and buy several pairs to match with your looks.

All these items allow for (you guessed it) layering.

On a side note: apparently I am really liking (ok maybe loving) Fossil's collection.

Don't forget my shopping smart rules: wait for sale prices! My only exception is when purchasing pants... buy pieces that are made well and fit great. Otherwise, you'll keep buying less expensive items because you're not satisfied and end up spending more money!

Accessorize your looks with large statement jewelry pieces and scarves. I like scarves, but don't love them (mainly because they tend to aggravate me). But, they can add so much to an outfit!


Spring Break + Snow = ?

I'm writing this post at 8:08 p.m. Esme is sound asleep on my lap and I just woke from a nap.

This is what happens when we visit home!

Esme and I embarked on our spring break vacay Saturday, which began with a trip to the groomers. Esme is such a doll with very short hair and a dainty pink bow. She had two dainty pink bows, but of course decided she didn't like them near as much as mommy did...

Esme after one of her many naps today. Can you tell? Her furry face is a mess.

We then headed home to spend a few days with my parents.

Saturday was a gorgeous day! Sunday was even better, which meant time spent on the farm, soaking up the sun, letting the dogs play, and dreaming of decor for my parents new home.

After cleaning furniture for the big move to their new home, mom and I managed to fit some shopping in today. Once we got back to my territory, we hit the stores with a list of goodies. We braved snowflakes and high winds and hit the jackpot! We managed to mark off item after item, which made both mom and I both feel relieved to have it mostly done and anxious to see it all together!

In a past job, I traveled often and mom accompanied on many journeys. In any spare time, we shopped, shopped, and oh yeah, shopped some more. And, ate at some of our favorite restaurants only found in major cities. These were our mother-daughter vacays. This year, we may not have been in a major city, but we had a great mother-daughter spring break "vacy."

I can't forget time spent with my daddy! While he didn't embark on our cleaning or shopping adventures, we did spend time exploring the farm and watching "our" movies. I have a love of sci-fi! My husband does not, so dad and I caught up on new releases the past few days.

While most people associate spring break with sun, sand, and water, my spring break included cloudy skies, cold temps, and even snow. No matter where, the outcome was the same! Fun times spent with those I love most!


Fitness Challenge: Week 3

It's a day late for those of you that like to start your workout on Sunday, but it's finally available!

I am home visiting my parents and after a full day on the farm, I was just too tired to do ANYTHING. I know, you may ask yourself- too tired to make a blog post? Yep. I was quite worn out!

Here it is!
Please excuse the appearance! I am also slacking on the design... I "designed" this in paint...

Good luck!


"Blessed Be the Name"

If you've kept up with my posts, you've seen a pattern. A pattern of me being so anxious for the next few months, which promise to bring warmer weather.  This translates to me spending the summer on my parents' farm, basking in the sun's rays and enjoying the evenings sprawled out on the porch.

As I was driving on my way to my "second job" this evening, I couldn't help to think about how I longed to turn the other way and head home. There, I would crawl under the covers to rest and be sheltered from this yucky weather. While daydreaming as I sat at a traffic light, I happened to glance to the left.

This is what I saw.

You'll notice it looks like a gorgeous day in this photo.
That's because it was raining and I couldn't get a clear picture of the sign, so I found this one online.
For the past year, I've driven by this sign weekly, which sits atop a hill overlooking the Northeast Tennessee town of Elizabethton. Today, I noticed it for the first time.
I'm so glad God put this message in front of me today. I am blessed, each second of every day! I may not enjoy rain and cold, but he is in charge and makes those calls! We should all enjoy the breaths we take each day, finding beauty in God's ways.
I probably aggravated the drivers of the cars in the long line behind me, because my eyes were fixated on this sign long after the light turned green. And, I've been praising God's name since. I put my delicate gold cross necklace on this morning and have touched many times this evening, pausing to give praise.
I hope this brings those thoughts of aggravation, disappointment, or "have to's" that you may be having today back into perspective.

T Minus 17 Days

I couldn't wait for March 1 to get here. I had thoughts of sunshine, birds chirping, and the landscape turning green. There's something about being in the month of March that makes all that seem like it's going to happen in 48 hours.


Snow has been falling the past few days. Just one week ago I was enjoying warm weather and blue skies in one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Now, I am seeking refuge in my warm home, sheltered from the cold and wind outside.

The extended forecast is promising. In just 17 days, we'll officially be able to say that it's Spring!

Yesterday was such a "blah" day. So, what have I done today? Oh you know, piled on the couch with my princess, covered in blankets.

And what has my princess done in response? See for yourself.

Even if it is blustery outside, my home reminds me of what awaits. Look what I picked up this weekend! Just click the images to see more.
May your March be blessed!
Stay Peachy!

Week 2 of the Fitness Challenge

It's getting closer to warmer weather (despite the fact that it's snowing as I type this...). We know what that means: time to show some skin! Whether wearing skirts, sleeveless tops, dresses, or swimsuits, I hope you can go confidently!

I've enjoyed the messages filling me in on your progress in reaching your fitness/health goals! Many are adding cardio/dance/jazzercise on days between these workouts! Keep it up, fitness gods/goddesses!

Here's this week's exercise program. These workouts are designed for maximum results in minimal time. can help you understand how to perform exercises if you're not familiar.
Keep sending those progress reports!
Stay Strong!

Paint Your Canvas

Last year, I broke up with my long-time love, Estee Lauder.

I had used Estee Lauder products since high school! 10 years later, I tried something new, with reservations.

My skin is sensitive. From blemishes and rashes to swelling and oil, I've experienced it all! And, still do. I suffer from allergies, but they have improved since moving from my hometown. I may have moved only an hour away, but they seem milder.

I had heard such great things about MAC, but had steered clear for fears of sending my skin into a frenzy.

I am so thankful I took the plunge. It's not that I dislike Estee Lauder (I still prefer the brand's mascara), but Mac has more color options and I think it feels better and lasts longer.

Also, I never wore lipstick up until last year. For some reason, I only ever purchased lipgloss. I L.O.V.E. MAC's liptstick! They are creamy, long-lasting, soothing, and come in many colors! My collection is growing! EEK!

I must be "growing up" (versus "getting older") because Mac's products make me feel younger! haha.

I am often asked what products/colors I use. So, here are a few of my MAC picks:

Carefree (highlighter)
Amber Lights (crease)
Sable (crease)
Carbon (accent)
Add a little spice to your eye liner routine by choosing a color for the bottom. I wear Auto-de-blu.
Vegas Volt (a beautiful peach/coral)
Speed Dial (soft pink)
Pink Lemonade (gloss)
I highly recommend adding gloss/glass over lipstick and MAC offers complimentary colors.
This foundation is a bit thicker/creamier than Estee Lauder's Double Wear, my ex.
Not only did I split with my long-time friend and start wearing lipstick, I also started applying foundation with a brush. I had always used a sponge. I don't know any other way to describe applying foundation with a brush as helping the foundation "stick" to my skin.
MAC has resulted in a problem though... storage! I foresee a need for investing in a usable storage system! Oh, and maybe the problem of wanting to buy more colors of shadow and lipstick/glass, causing a nice dent in my wallet!
Need some application tips? I suggest you watch Jaclyn's videos.
Stay Gorgeous, Friends!


Step It Up: Day 3 of the Fitness Challenge

How's the fitness challenge going for you guys?

Here's the workout for Week 1, Day 3.

Day 3 steps it up a bit! When I first started exercising seriously over a year ago, I dreaded burpees. I still do. But, they work! I urge you not to replace burpees with another exercise. Just hang in there.
And, you know the drill, right? You can increase time or reps depending on your fitness level.
Week 2 will be posted Sunday. I will include workouts for three days in one post. This may help you in planning your exercise schedule.
Keep it up!