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A Rarity for the Fannons

Wow! I can't believe it's been a week since I posted something other than a workout.

So, I will give you a roundup of adventures from the past few weeks.

Two weeks ago was spring break! I headed home to Virginia for several days and then headed to Knoxville with Travis for a day of food, shopping, and laughter. We missed home so much we headed back to Virginia the next day to spend a day on the farm.

Travis was beyond delighted to partake in one of his favorite activities.
I gave it a "shot," but one step at a time for me! Notice my fabulous blue athletic shoes? I had to trade my BCBG heels for more appropriate footwear for the farm.
Now, to more recent adventures.

Friday marked an important day for the Fannons- a "weekend" off together!

Travis was off work Friday and Saturday, which rarely occurs. We decided to have an "us" day Friday and head to see family Saturday. My parents house is nearing completion, so we were able to move some kitchen and spare bedroom goodies.

Back to our Friday adventure- we headed out for dinner and a movie (that may have included a little shopping too). After an Italian meal we headed to see the new release, Olympus Has Fallen. Anyone that knows my husband knows that this movie is right up his alley!

We didn't know showtimes, but arrived early to be sure to get tickets and a good seat.

Well... we were stopped dead in our tracks at this sight.
The theater is no longer in business... we just stood there and stared at the empty walls and gate wondering how we missed the closing of the theater. Turns out that the theater has been closed for a few months. We sure get out a lot, don't we?

We decided not to speed to another theater and ended the night watching a movie at home.

The weekend is nearing its end and tomorrow marks the last Monday of March! I wish you all well!


  1. which theater did you go to? i can't believe that!!

  2. Natisha, we went to Marquee at the Kingsport Town Center. Travis and I probably looked incredibly lost... we just kept staring trying to figure out why and how we missed this news! We did learn that another movie theater company bought the space and will be adding games and a restaurant to the new theater. It's expected to open in May. I HIGHLY doubt that though!