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Do I Need An Intervention By Dr. Phil?

Weekend mornings often begin with my soaps (One Tree Hill and anything on the Style Network), cooking shows, and Dr. Phil.

A recent Dr. Phil episode had me laughing... at him, the "patient," and ME!

Dr. Phil diagnosed his guest as having extreme control and organizational issues. Why? Here are her habits that contributed to this diagnosis:

- Arranging the grocery cart according to product and size. (Such as putting boxes together, fruit together, cans together, etc.)

- Arranging socks, shirts, etc. in drawers according to color, sleeve length, etc.

- Organizing the closets by seasons and clothing type and color.

In viewing this episode and seeing Dr. Phil's shocking responses to her actions, I thought to myself: "I don't see anything wrong with that. I do these things. Is this bad?" And, of course, I had a few good giggles while viewing this as well.

My hubby gets so tickled at me when we go grocery shopping together because I insist on organizing the cart. And, yes, I organize it the same way as described above. It makes it so much easier to pack and clearly see what I have and don't have.

Apparently these organizational patterns are signs of control issues... Here's my response to that: BALDERDASH! I just like knowing where things are, and it's so much easier/quicker to simply find what I need/want.

Today, my "control issues" came out while grocery shopping and organizing my closet in preparation of warmer weather.

It's glorious!

Shoes organized by style (wedges, pumps, flats, sandals, etc.), pants and skirts organized by length and color, dresses organized by color, and tops organized by style (tshirts, sweaters, and blouses) and then by color.

Maybe it's extreme... But, at least I know I'm not alone in my organizational ways.

btw, my hubby gets the biggest closet and it's organized following the same pattern of style and color. ; )

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