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Spring Essentials to Drool For

March is keeping us on our toes. I don't think I've ever seen the weather forecast change as often as it is now! Saturday's forecast has changed from sunny and temps in the 60s to rain and temps in the 40s and back to temps in the 60s with a slight chance of showers...

This roller coaster weather pattern got me thinking: What are some essentials I will need in my closet to make it through Spring?

Here they are, starting from the top down:

Blouses. I prefer 3/4 sleeves in silk! I also love a v-neck. This helps elongate the body while also showing some hint of skin. I ADORE this top from Fossil. Yes, it's super expensive. But, give it a few weeks and it will go on sale.

Layering t's and tanks.

Cardigans. Again, I look for 3/4 sleeves while also trying to find unique touches to this seasonal must-have. I found this black cardigan that works so well with my short sleeve and sleeveless tops. Notice the small detail of gold buttons. Of course, my fav store, Anthropologie, has many to choose from. I also suggest adding even more color to your wardrobe, such as with this cardigan.

Light jackets. IN LOVE with this one.

Colored ankle denim. Kut from the Kloth is the BEST denim brand for my body type. I don't have to buy a long length (which is almost unheard of for a 5'11" chicka), they have a higher waistline, and are made of a soft, stretchy material. Be sure to read the details about the different fits offered. You can find this brand at Macys as well.

Mid-length to long skirts. Again, look for bright colors! Fossil once again has a beautiful option.

Flats, like this pair.

Sunglasses. I highly suggest investing in a durable pair. And, if you wear driving glasses, go ahead and get prescription lenses in your sunglasses! This has SAVED me from headaches! If you don't need prescription lenses and aren't concerned about durability, have fun and buy several pairs to match with your looks.

All these items allow for (you guessed it) layering.

On a side note: apparently I am really liking (ok maybe loving) Fossil's collection.

Don't forget my shopping smart rules: wait for sale prices! My only exception is when purchasing pants... buy pieces that are made well and fit great. Otherwise, you'll keep buying less expensive items because you're not satisfied and end up spending more money!

Accessorize your looks with large statement jewelry pieces and scarves. I like scarves, but don't love them (mainly because they tend to aggravate me). But, they can add so much to an outfit!

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