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T Minus 17 Days

I couldn't wait for March 1 to get here. I had thoughts of sunshine, birds chirping, and the landscape turning green. There's something about being in the month of March that makes all that seem like it's going to happen in 48 hours.


Snow has been falling the past few days. Just one week ago I was enjoying warm weather and blue skies in one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Now, I am seeking refuge in my warm home, sheltered from the cold and wind outside.

The extended forecast is promising. In just 17 days, we'll officially be able to say that it's Spring!

Yesterday was such a "blah" day. So, what have I done today? Oh you know, piled on the couch with my princess, covered in blankets.

And what has my princess done in response? See for yourself.

Even if it is blustery outside, my home reminds me of what awaits. Look what I picked up this weekend! Just click the images to see more.
May your March be blessed!
Stay Peachy!

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