One-Piece Swimsuits: You'll Be Surprised

Friday, April 12, 2013

Dubai is on the horizon! In less than 40 days I will board a plane for an adventure I never expected. Since I'm jetting off as a teacher and being accompanied by eight students and another professor, I decided my skimpy, two-piece swimsuits may not be the most appropriate beach attire.
So, I embarked on a search for a more suitable suit. I was surprised by the sexier, age-appropriate options. Fortunately, I found numerous swimsuits that I could see myself wearing often and not just while in Dubai. So, I splurged on this gorgeous, trendy suit by Kenneth Cole. It's sufficient coverage and the lace and ruffle details add a bit of sexiness. It's way cuter in-person and I think it looks great on my body shape.
Here are some other suggestions for one-piece swimsuits. I love the patterns, colors, and styles.

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