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One "Hot Mess" of a Trip

The past few days have been go, go, go. Along with that comes fatigue and apparently my students' fatigue manifests as pure hilarity. I've had many days where I laugh so much that my face hurts. The amount of laughter is beyond that point now; I am pretty sure my face is frozen with a smile. The best way to sum up the past few days is by saying what my students say: "one hot mess!" Emphasis on hot... : )

Let me catch you up.

On Thursday, the students once again met with their client for a mid-point review. That night, we dined at her home with her family in their picture-perfect home.
Student, Kraig (AKA the entertainer)

Students, Logan, Tina, and Marcus enjoying their night.

 Students, Hillary and Chloe
It seems as though we keep having these "best experience so far" moments and Friday was no exception. We boarded a boat for a traditional Dhow Dinner Cruise. What happens when nine students and two instructors are on a boat for two hours with a buffet, entertainment and some unusual performances? One hot mess! To fill you in, our night included the ladies being twirled and performers in horse costumes...  The laughter was endless... We were definitely that table all other guests stared at...
Before we even made it to the boat. The good times had already started!
Don't we look good? hehe 
The night went downhill (in terms of uncontrollable laughter) after this performance.
These two (Kraig and Dylan)... so funny!

Today, we made our way to the fabulous city of Abu Dhabi. We toured Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Emirates Palace, and a historical village with an incredible view.


Okay. So you are probably wondering why I have a picture of myself in a bathroom. This is not just any bathroom. The fixtures are PURE GOLD! Exquisite!

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