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Our Happily Ever After



This is a story of two hearts joining together and the pursuit of living happily ever after.

There is a man I fell in love with- the one who gives me butterflies, makes my heart beat to the point I hear it in my ears, and holds me like there is nothing more he needs.

We began as two college kids making our way through this thing called LOVE. We didn't begin as the typical romance. I turned him down many times before finally giving in to his blue eyes, mischievous grin, commanding demeanor, and persistence (oh, and his incredibly good looks). After the first date (okay maybe during the date) I knew he (it) was different. He looked at me like I was the only person he saw in a crowded room, made me laugh a way I didn't know I could, and made sure I was "escorted" at all times. His protective nature was the icing on the cake.

After one year of dating, he proposed on 8.26.05. I'm surprised he still proposed after I was too scared to follow along with his first proposal attempt. He had driven us to a gorgeous overlook of our small town, but the unknown of the darkness kept me in my car seat. I thought we were just exchanging gifts to celebrate our one year dating anniversary; I had no idea his gift was a promise of "happily ever after." Fortunately, the night didn't end. He drove us to a park, walked me to a gazebo, dropped to one knee, and pulled out a ring. And, not just any ring- my grandmother's engagement ring reset to perfection.

Less than one year later we were united in holy matrimony in God's house. With my dad by my side, I walked down the aisle to begin a new life with another protector. God has always been our guide and we give praise to Him for seven strong years of marriage and to the years ahead and the adventures they hold.

Our pastor told us a key to marriage that we've never forgotten. Never go to bed angry at one another. For some reason, we really grabbed hold of that and my husband has never failed to tell me "good night, sweet dreams." For 2,555 days, I've never had to go without that sweet saying.

We're living our happily ever after- full of laughs and giggles, hugs and kisses, gazes and winks AND the moments in-between. The struggles and disagreements only make us stronger. So, I look forward to our eighth anniversary and the moments shared and lessons learned along the way to that next milestone.

Happy Anniversary, Babe! Thank you for your love!

And, thanks to our friends and family for being a part of our journey!

Here are a few photos of our "happily ever after."
(This happened to be written on our wedding cake.)
College Formal (2006) - This is one of my fav pics.
The Day!
Let's Go Braves! (2007)
Relaxing in the Bahamas (2009)
5 Year Vow Renewal - St. Augustine
Taking a tour of St. Augustine
Celebrating his birthday in Knoxville, TN 
My lovely anniversary gifts. Thanks, babe!

 We're heading to Destin, FL this weekend and will be celebrating more there!

I don't have many photos readily available from our dating days. 
But, I can share this photo of Trav back in the day!  
Look at that long hair & jewelry!

Thanks for sharing our journey!


  1. That is so sweet!! Happy anniversary and thank you for your sweet words on my blog. I love that skirt and couldn't pass up such a great deal! ; )

    1. Thanks, Laura! We can't believe how quickly we're becoming an "old, married couple." I love your blog and your interaction with others! The skirt was sold out in my size... :(