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Dear Santa,

There are only 16 days until... gifts! Ok, so maybe I should be a little more caring about family time and celebrating the birth of Christ versus gift hunting. But, in my defense, I have been a very kind, encouraging, helpful, responsible young lady this year... That should count for something, right?

I know it's a little late to share my Christmas wishlist, but I've been devoting all my time and energy to my children (aka incredibly talented but sometimes needy students).
Yes, I'm making a plea for gifts!

To help save you time, I'm sharing my list with the worldwide web. That means, you can access my list 24/7, have pics, AND links to locate the gifts! What more could you ask for?
1. dress // 2. shoes // 3. earrings // 4. jacket // 5. hat // 6. lipstick (MAC Retro Matte)

Oh, you need me to clarify? Well, I would ideally love the store to magically appear in my home, paid in full of course. You say there's no room? I will sell all my furniture! Ok, fine. I can be more specific and not so greedy.

Do you remember that charcoal pair of wedges you brought me last year? I would like another please, of course in a different color. Aren't these taupe wedges to die for? Sorry for my extreme language. But, they would be adorbs on me!

As you already know, I have quite the fettish with MAC. The beauty product brand, Santa. While I would like to be greedy and ask for everything created by this company, I'll withhold that request. Here's what I will settle for: Retro Matte lipstick in Flat Out Fabulous.

That's all, Santa. For now, anyway...

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