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With Thanksgiving officially behind us, I've started my countdown to Christmas! But, I'm not rushing it as I have much to do before Santa makes his annual visit.
 It seems as though Thanksgiving is a rushed holiday. I hope you enjoyed gathering and making memories with family and friends! I sure did. I'm thinking of renaming my blog after my mom declared me "A Country Girl in Designer Jeans." And why this statement? Our Thanksgiving consisted of a trophy deer... I'll let the picture do the explaining. WARNING: it's a little on the graphic side if you're opposed to hunting.

As you can see, I am not in hunting gear. I'm wearing designer jeans, a J Crew sweater and a Fossil coat.
On to more pleasant Thanksgiving news. Snow covered the mountains making for a majestic view. Here are a few photos of the landscape.
The snow had faded but a frost soon followed.
From visiting with family to venturing to our favorite Mexican restaurant to watching Catching Fire, my holiday was indeed blessed. I definitely gobbled too much food. I actually turned down leftovers in favor of cereal. I just couldn't hold anymore...
As a parting gift, I will leave you with this adorable photo of my husband letting Esme watch the snow fall and the deer play.
Yep, we're a bit obsessive with our pup.

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