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The Holiday Season has came to a close and it was nothing less than stellar! I took a break from blogging to fully enjoy the celebrations. Today, I'm sharing my highs of 2013. I consider last year (wow, seems strange to already refer to 2013 as last year) one of living and learning. I'll share my 2014 hopes soon, but 2013 deserves a nod!

Many of my highs of 2013 came as we closed out the year. But, I'll work to the most recent.
May 2013 I traveled around the globe to Dubai, UAE!
Spring/December 2013 My parents moved into their new home and we finally had family photos made by the wonderful Jessica Leigh Hood.
The husband and I celebrated our 7th anniversary,took a few trips, and went on our first hike with my father and relatives (and he convinced me to eat sushi and I LOVE IT).
I ran my first 5k alongside my students.
October 2013 I reunited with high school friends for our 10 year reunion.

Then, came end of the year milestones.
December 2013 I watched my first group of students walk across the stage, which was incredibly emotional! 

And, after nine years, Travis and I celebrated NYE and had our kiss as the music note dropped in Nashville.
Oh, and we are now country music sensations!

There have been more many blissful moments of 2013, but including those would require me to write a book. Thank you, Lord, for your blessings and protection. I can't imagine the memories to be made in 2014! Thanks to you all for following me as I write the chapters in my book of life.

God Bless!

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