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Psalm 139:14 
I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
and that my soul knows very well.

One of my joys of blogging comes from sharing blessings and God's word, and hoping that if verse helps me, it may help you. Sharing personal stories comes easy for me. I hope that those who read my notes of blessing focus on the love and presence of our God and not so much on my details.

We all experience trial; it's inevitable. Lately, it seems that many have been dealt their fair share. I, nor those I love so dearly, are immune. No, my trials cannot compare to those of others. But, God's words apply to all. This past week, another trial came my way. Health issues plague many, and may even affect you. For the past 8 months, I've battled spine pain, fatigue, spasms, and weakness in my limbs. For me, it's somewhat expected. But, I'll save that story for another day. More recently, I faced the unknown of another health situation. Being scared is a natural reaction; scared of the tests, scared of the results, scared of the meaning.

Thankfully, God shows Himself. Always.

In Sunday's morning church service, the pastor referenced Psalm 139:14 and reminded me that I'm one-of-a-kind. I am a person built of precise engineering. He makes no mistakes. 

As I sat at the check-in desk at the diagnostic center Wednesday, this verse echoed in my mind. When the receptionist answered a phone call (which turned to be lengthy), my fear overtook my mind and I admittedly became frustrated with the wait. That wait, though, allowed me to glance around the desk where my eyes settled on a calendar that proudly displayed a daily message. This message wasn't any message. It was Biblical scripture reminding me that I am unique, created without fault by God. I knew, no matter the test result, I would trust God. First, I was overwhelmed with pride that this receptionist proudly shared her Christianity. Second, I smiled and thanked God for His blessings and trust in me to carry out His ways, even if that meant an unwanted medical result. My prayers had asked Him to protect me and calm me. I was nervous as the test began, but knew I was going to be okay. It's hard to describe to others, but in knowing Him, I felt assured that no matter the result, I was His and that's all that mattered. He always guides.

I'm happy to share that the test results were clear! Relief swept through me, my husband, family and friends. For me, it was one more affirmation that God is always in charge. The church service, the message on the desk calendar, me- they are all controlled by God. He is ever-present. There is no coincidence, there is only God. And, that my soul knows well.


HEELSBCBG (loving these)
NECKLACEJ.Crew Factory

This week I'm collaborating with Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels for her Day to Night Series. We chose to show-off different looks for a colored leather jacket. This yellow leather jacket has to be my favorite new piece in my spring wardrobe. Just so you know, other colors are available at under $100; it's a deal! My mother purchased it in a beautiful bright blue.

Ok, let's talk about these pants. Flattering, on-trend, lovely print, affordable, and comfortable... What more could I possible ask for? Plus, they're actually long enough for me which tickled me so! Black is also available.

Maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit by wearing such bright colors, but the day's temperature almost hit 70 degrees, so why not?

My poor hair... I'm loving my color, but the wind sure did a number on it that day. So, I was forced to do a simple bun; please overlook it's simplicity. 

How about Laura's look for a night out?
I love that we're both rocking yellow and blue! 
Laura has such a talent for dressing skirts.
Make sure you stop by her blog to learn more about her and the Day to Night Series.



You might think today's post a little premature considering most of the East is buried under snow. While there might be 10+ inches of snow outside my window, I'm still hopeful for warmer weather to grace us soon. I'm crossing my fingers that next week's forecast stays true and we actually hit the high 60's!

Beauty counters are flooding with bright, warm colors and new formulas perfect for the heat and humidity. Here are my favorites.
1  /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5

I've always been a peach gal, but I'm drooling over the pinks and purples on trend. MAC's Doublelux Shadow in PinkLuxe is so fun! With shimmer and vibrant colors, these shadows can be applied as is or wet for a glowing spring look. Both lipsticks are creamy, shiny, and make your lips feel like their being drenched in rich moisture. I've not tried Clinique's Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator, but reviews are raving about this product's application. For #4, I suggest you visit MAC's website for more color choices.

If all goes well and the sun appears next week, look for a new outfit post featuring a beauty routine with a few of these products!

Stay warm!


This week was BUSY. Early mornings, no breaks, late evenings, and early bedtimes came every day. 
Here's to hoping for an enjoyable weekend!

What are your top moments of the week?



Exercise- requires determination, energy, and TIME.

Maintaining full-time employment, family, and a home are challenging. Now, add in responsibilities and extracurriculars and you're active until your head hits your pillow. How do we find the time for fitness? For my well-being- mind, body, and soul- fitness is essential. But, I don't need 1.5 hours to commit to a high calorie burning, muscle strengthening program. Circuit training works wonders for me (thanks Adam) and is easy to mix-up for challenging workouts. A while back I began a fitness series and many have asked for more. Here's my favorite, go-to quick circuit.
Try to rest as little as possible between exercises. If you do the minimum of 7 reps for 7 rounds that's a total of 49 reps of each exercise. Look at you've accomplished. I typically complete this circuit in 30-40 minutes. If I'm really pressed for time I can just remove one exercise to be under 30 minutes.

How do I determine my workouts? It's easy. I take knowledge I've gained over time and use fitness sites to gather exercise ideas. I don't know that I have ever followed a WOD (workout of the day) suggested by a fitness site. I always alter it to best fit my skills and needs. For this circuit, I often substitute Burpees for Pushups if I have more time to devote to the workout.

Push yourself, but you know your body better than anyone else.

Stay strong!

Remember, I'm not licensed and you should consult a physician before embarking on a fitness journey.