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Two months have passed since I've posted. I've missed recording and sharing my blessings. It feels good to have my fingers moving across the keys typing for pleasure.

I'm officially on summer break! Getting to this point seemed to drag on, but I'm so fortunate to be needed. But, it's time to focus a bit more on none other than... me.

Here's a quick run-down on what's happened since March. First, we moved! We're back in our home county and couldn't be happier. Prior to moving in, we headed home on our days off to put in the work needed on our house. This combined with the semester's end made for quite a busy few months. I will commute to the university three days a week starting in August. 

The semester ended and my family and I  headed to The Outer Banks (NC) to get some R&R. We couldn't leave our princess behind so Esme experienced her first vacation. 

My sis-in-law and brother. Her dress is from Francesca's.
My nan adores her great-granddog.
If you visit The Outer Banks, I highly suggest Miller's Waterfront Restaurant. It was fabulous! And, you must take the 2 hour trip to Hatteras to ride the ferry to Ocracoke. Hopefully, the ferry won't experience mechanical difficulties. We re-docked and backed our car off the ferry. Guess who had to drive for this task? A great time was had by all!

Travis and I head to Raleigh and VA Beach in July.

Time is on my side this summer and I am so excited for each "tomorrow."

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