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Are you ready to bare all while lounging at the pool? How about just showing those legs in shorts this summer?

Well, I for one am not! For a few months now, I've slacked off exercise (other than walking a bit) due to medical tests and restrictions. That also means I've put on a few extra lbs and lost some muscle. : /
Now, it's time to get back to it! And, at full-speed!

I've mentioned the varying "sides" to me; well, when I'm in the gym I'm no longer the Southern belle.

I've shared workout suggestions in the past and many of y'all found the exercises to be effective without being overwhelming. I like to mix-up weight training with a little extra "oomph" to keep my heart rate up. Once a week, I will post a workout or series of workouts.

Remember, consult a physician prior to exercising. I am not a licensed trainer. I'm only sharing what works well for me.
So, you may not know what "superset" means. A superset is one exercise performed right after the other without rest. Visit for more details about supersets.

Here's how this workout works. To begin, warm up! 

Next, do 10 reps of bicep curls. Choose your weight carefully because you will fatigue faster without resting.  I chose 8lb weights. Immediately following those 10 reps, do 10 kettle bell swings. I suggest starting with a 10lb kettle bell. Next, do 10 bicep curls followed by 10 kettle bell swings. Follow this pattern for the entire workout. I rest 30 -60 seconds between sets (for example, between the bicep curls/kettle bell swings set and the hammer curls/kettle bell swings set). The kettle bell swings help maintain a high heart beat, add some variation to weight exercises, and give me that "oomph" I need in the workout.

I follow this workout with three to four ab exercises for three rounds.

For details on how to perform exercises, visit There, you will find exercise descriptions and how-to videos.

Don't forget to enjoy your workout! I turn up the radio (Five Finger Death Punch, of course) and give it all I've got. Water is also a good idea. ; )

I will keep you updated on my progress!

God Bless!

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