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Have you ever heard of family members saying one thing they're thankful while sitting around the dinner table? No? I've seen this happen in movies so it must be "a thing." No? ; )

Well, since my blog is more of an "anything, everything" platform, I'm starting a new series called "Thankful Tuesdays." I love sharing whatever is on my mind, or whatever "tickles my fancy." In this series, I will share one thing I am thankful for... it won't always be so serious.

As ya know, Sunday was Father's Day. So, for my first entry in this series I'm going to talk about my daddy. I could write a book on all I'm thankful for from him, but I'll keep it simple. 
I'm thankful for my daddy, for all he's taught me.
- Geography
- Mechanics
- Plumbing
- Carpentry

And, the loves I now have because of his influence.
- Science Fiction (Travis just doesn't get it...)
- Nature
- Knowledge
- Muscle Cars (anyone want to buy me a 69 Camaro SS?)
- Exploration

My father is a man full of random knowledge. He's inquisitive and I have a bit of that information-seeking mind. I value his fact giving more each day. He was a forest fire fighter and loves the outdoors. When he felt well, every weekend meant car rides on backroads exploring, learning and bonding.

I learned confidence, self-sustainability, and perseverance from him. Despite an illness, my dad always finds a way to "be there" even though it may not be in person.

Most of all, I'm thankful for the example he set of trusting God, always.

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