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Today's post was inspired by my trip to the gym this evening. So, you're probably wondering, "where are you going with this?"

Lately I've felt taller than usual... am I getting taller or are people getting shorter? Or, is it just a feeling and not reality? My 5'11" frame struggled at the gym tonight and I couldn't help but think of the goods and bads that tall peeps face. I got so tickled over my challenges today! Enjoy!

The struggle is real...
- Exercise mats are a good foot too short. I have to choose if my calves and feet hang off the mat or my head... I'm sure you know which I choose.
- A gym bench is too short... lying down means I tend to fall off...
- My head is not in view in most mirrors in public restrooms... I have to squat or bend forward to see my reflection.
- Low ceilings and especially low ceilings with fans + tall peeps = ouch
- It's hard, okay, pretty much impossible to hide in crowds.
- Jeans/pants shopping is a nightmare.
- Shopping for shorts is pure torture.
- High rise is more like mid rise. I won't even share what mid rise and low rise are like...
- Peplum tops just don't fit.
- Crop tops are like bathing suit tops.
- I often have to buy fall/winter tops one size larger so the sleeves actually touch my wrists.
- My husband (also tall) and I go through body soap in a matter of a few days... we need more, ya know?
- I won't even address the pains of riding in cars/airplanes that just aren't meant for anyone over 5 ft.
- I no longer know what good posture feels like. I have to bend down so often just to hear what people are saying...

After all that, and that's not all of the struggles, I wouldn't trade my height for anything! Y'all know the benefits, right? My height allows me to do much on my own which provides a wonderful sense of independence and capability. It's also easy to describe then identify me: "tall, blond." And, sure, there are many others, but I'll spare you.

Thanks for reading!
God Bless!

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