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My answer?

"Let's get, let's get, let's get, let's get rocked!"

My closest friends know another side to me- rocker. I'm actually a hard rock kinda girl. But, there's nothing like 80's rock. Aside from the voices, lyrics, instruments and crazy antics, the wild hair, short shorts, ripped tees, acid wash jeans, and tight leather can't be matched. Travis's favorite band of all time is back on tour. Who could pass up the chance to dance to "Pour Some Sugar on Me" being sung live by the one and only Def Leppard? Not us!

The band's songs are legendary. They're rock anthems. Seeing the one and only Def Leppard perform live... it's hard to put into words. But, let me tell you this. The concert was an experience like no other. It was perfect. The lights, the sound, the energy and the talented musicians made for an unforgettable night. When the curtain dropped, the amphitheater erupted and all there forgot their worries and next day commitments. We can't forget Joe Elliott's accent either! Hearing him say "Guitar," "Drums" was like stepping back in time into another life. I wonder... are we kin folk? Elliott is my momma's family. ; )

We left, slowly, as I could barely move from dancing (hard), our hearing didn't return until the next day and our voices were raspy for two days. Now that's an experience. I'm pretty sure we'll never be the same. I've never seen Travis cut loose that much, sing that much nor smile that much. I captured him on video but I'll spare him and not share (this time).

So any who know about this tour know that KISS is a main draw. We were one of those couples that stayed just to see the band's show and to say we've seen KISS perform live. I know many hail KISS as THE rock band, but we think otherwise. Then we were outta there for some R&R.

Dancing to Def Leppard perform "Pour some Sugar on Me," "Hysteria" and at least 10 other hits live in concert (checked off the bucket list).

I apologize for the poor photo quality and lack of photos. Cell phone only + too much dancing = photo fail.

This kid intruded on almost all my photos...
This is what happens when I try to be "hard." I end up laughing and looking awkward. 

Y'all keep rockin'!

'Til next time!

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