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Fall Preview: Get 'em before they're gone

Ah, the cooler evening air and foggy mornings are coming! For years now I have debated on my favorite season, claiming spring then fall then spring again. Well, I've finally settled on fall. The colors that fill the landscape are warm and inviting and the personal style that accompanies the season does the same.

Here is a fall preview! I've put together a cozy, relaxed look complete with two shoe options. Aren't those oxfords adorable? Some items are on sale, so hurry before they're gone!

Happy Shopping!


Thankful Tuesday: Extra Ordinary

"with no special or distinctive features; normal."

"more than is usual or necessary."

A Friday night date to many is another Friday night date. But when your special someone works odd hours and typically works weekends, the actuality of a Friday night dates becomes a holiday. You may think we would do high-class or exciting things on our Friday night date, but we're just the opposite. Our Friday night date was simply extra ordinary, normal. An hour drive to the tri-cities, a visit to the mall, an added stop to the bookstore and dinner at our favorite restaurant completed our Friday night date.

Our days consist of typically passing one another, making brief phone calls just to say "I love you" and occasionally grabbing a quick lunch. So our Friday night date was much needed. The simplest of tasks, like going to the bookstore, was extraordinary to us. Enjoying our favorite meals and only talking about our amazing food were extraordinary to us. While we don't have "regular" schedules, the time apart makes our time together extraordinary.

It's always been my nature to take in the basics of life. An ill father, religious upbringing and hands-on parents contributed to that nature. Having lived away from my family and having limited one-on-one with my husband has only amplified my awareness of how special the simple actions in life are. Time in silence enjoying nature, sharing laughs and small talk are just as meaningful to me as going to a long awaited concert. Our minutes are measured.

Today, I am thankful for the lifestyle we live as it only makes the basics memorable.

Yes, I will fail to recognize life's simple pleasures at times. But, someone always shows up just in time to remind me to open my eyes and my heart. I bet you know who that someone is.

Be grateful for all moments and make the extra ordinary extraordinary.

God Bless.


Thankful Tuesday: Husband

Be completely humble and gentle; Be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.
Ephesians 4:2-3

I remember when our eyes first met. His were deep blue and intense. He didn't blink. It seemed nothing could break our gaze. Today, we still share that lock, but on an even more intimate level. He knows me in and out, including when to pick me up, when to dig deeper, when to be quiet and when to laugh. He also knows how to aggravate me like no other. I am thankful for it all, even those irritating times. Sometimes, I even find myself hoping he will pick on me because it's his love. Maybe we shouldn't tell him my true feelings though... ; )

Eight years of marriage have brought more than we ever expected, thought possible or knew we wanted. We celebrated our anniversary just two weeks ago typical Fannon-style with a concert and sand and sun. Eight years has also brought trials upon trials. Marriage is not to be entered lightly. From sickness to bad times, we have been hit, but we've risen above. It may have taken time but we've overcome. We've let each other down more times than we can count, but we've also lifted one another up more times than we can count. We are not perfect and never will be. Glory be to God for helping us learn, recognize our faults and reveal strengths along the way. I continue to pray for guidance for days to come.
Our 5 year anniversary

No amount of praising seems to do justice to the gratitude I feel to God for blessing me in my marriage. The trials have strengthened my trust in Him and He has helped Travis and I to grow in ways we didn't know existed. It's a powerful thought, knowing love can prevail. Patience, patience, patience is a fundamental in marriage. Patience for yourself, your husband, your family, friends and others.

Prior to our wedding day we met with the pastor to officiate our ceremony. One principle he said has never left my mind and never will.
"Never go to bed angry."
I have broken this principle once. I was disappointed in myself and never want to feel the sadness that accompanied that fault. There's nothing like beginning and ending a day with a smile from your spouse. If you're entering marriage, abide by this principle.

Marriage is constant, ever-growing and a contract among three. God is to be first.
Photo by Jessica Leigh Hood Photography

To my husband, I am thankful for you always, more than you know I'm sure. I crave your smiles, embraces and gazes and look forward to the new nicknames we'll share as our relationship grows. I love you!

To those entering marriage: be patient, be forgiving, be loving and be thankful.

May God bless you!