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Thankful Tuesday: BIG brother, little sister

A few weeks ago, my brother and sister-in-law took to the highway to travel home and I was thrilled to see them. Family gatherings are limited throughout the year, so we were glad to see them before Thanksgiving! 

In the past few years, these two have transformed themselves into fitness fanatics- the good kind of fanatic! hehe Just as I was writing this blog entry, Amanda posted a Transformation Tuesday photo. Perfect timing!

I couldn't be more proud of them and hope they both know how much I admire them for their dedication and work ethic.  The healthy lifestyle they share is just another connection in their marriage- I love it!

My brother (or "bubby" as I call him) competes in strong man. He came home to compete in Tennessee. I was so nervous... my mother couldn't even watch! I tried really hard to yell "go Brian" but quickly resorted to "go Bubby." So masculine, right? The events were interesting to watch, but the behind the scenes action fascinated me. The food, the equipment, the clothes... so much is needed for this sport.

My brother truly brings out our Viking heritage!
This was the part I thought he would struggle with. The armed hummer was intimidating but he did so well!
The dew was settling by this point. But, he gave it his all. I was so surprised by all the gear needed for the stones. 
Bubby and friend, competitor Andy.

Another transformation photo. I mean, can we say "magazine cover/feature worthy"!
So proud!

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