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2015 Outlook

Happy New Year!

I can't resist... I have to say... It's my first post of 2015!

A lot of us are thinking about the new year- opportunities, changes, accomplishments, challenges...
I am not the exception as I too am anticipating what the year will bring. While I always enjoy watching the ball drop to close out a year and welcome midnight, I enjoy watching firework celebrations more. I consider myself to be sentimental, but there's nothing more exciting to me than thinking there's more to come. Each firework is like another celebration waiting in the new year. I am thrilled with what came in 2014, but know with each year, I grow in new ways and take risks I didn't know were possible.

This new year already seems to be signaling the start of something different- something beaming with encouragement, inspiration and service. In just three days I will close out my twenties. I know saying that I'm looking forward to my thirties seems like something out of an annoying magazine article, but it's true. I've found confidence and inspiration and am proud to be a woman. It may have taken me a while to no longer refer to myself as a young lady, but I'm embracing all that is here now and that is to come.

I've always known God, but feel myself growing closer to him daily. He placed it on my heart to serve and I'm looking forward to doing so, even though it took me a bit of time speak up. Exciting things are coming... I've also accepted the challenge to fast along with other church goers of Esserville. It's up to us as to what we choose to give up. It took me a while to decide, but I've chosen something that I know will challenge me. That decision in itself was difficult as I kept leaning toward the easier "do withouts."

My first fortune cookie of 2015 was another signal. I'm ready to take risks and contribute in new, meaningful and productive ways as an academic, mentor, professional and colleague. I believe this fortune is quite telling and says perfectly how I approach my role. It'll be framed, no doubt.
I'm excited for everything to come in 2015, even the challenges, because without them I truly feel I cannot continue to grow as a wife, daughter, servant and inspirer. 

Whatever your goals, resolutions or hopes are for 2015, may you seek God's guidance and remain true to yourself.

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