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I have one goal for this year (and really for whatever remains of my time here). 

I've always been a planner. A clock ruled my life. What time is it? What time will I do... What time will I be... It was a cycle that never deviated. I like to experience, though, so I decided to step out of the circle. Like the roads that twist through these hills, there are paths off to the sides waiting to introduce you to what lies just out of view. Living according to a plan is confining myself (and my loved ones) to boundaries. It's too easy to miss out and turn living into a routine.

So, I hope to try something new (for me) weekly. There is no definition to the "new." Don't you love that?

Travis is now on vacation. Three full weeks of no time to report here or there. How did we start his vacation? Cooking. That's right. I said cooking.
My Saturday morning routine is watching the Food Network and Cooking Channel. Thankfully, the hubby didn't object and this morning's episode of Trisha was on point. Oh, you didn't know we're on a first name basis? ; ) The wheels started turning in my head and I decided to give her recipes, yes recipes, a try. Not just one recipe. Not just two recipes. Three recipes! I'm not skilled in the kitchen. But, sometimes I get in the mood to cook... though rarely.

Here's what I discovered from my time in the kitchen today. 
Trisha's recipes rocked. Does anyone say "rocked" anymore? 
I use too many utensils. 
Kale is awesome when cooked. 
My tastes for meat are continuing to diminish. 
I may never be okay with frying... I'm afraid of getting burnt. 
My future kitchen will be designed for a lefty. 
I eat less after I've cooked because I'm too tired...

As I type, we're snuggling under the covers watching Food Network. Well, Travis is snoring. But, close enough. Wild, right?

Served with tomatoes and green beans. 
We substituted ground turkey for the sausage and added chili powder.
Seeing as how I am rarely in the kitchen to actually cook, I was without an apple corer. So, I just cut the apples and spread the mixture on top.

These recipes take time but that's really just oven/cooking time.

Enjoy and let me know if you give these a try!

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