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DIY: Tent on a Budget

The moment our lovely friend Megan of Megan Rhea Photography confirmed a photo session for us, I went to Pinterest for decor ideas. Of course, I barely made it out of the rabbit hole that Pinterest is... I can spend way, way too much time exploring. Thanks to that way too much time, I stumbled across this Hula Hoop Hideout project and gave a little shriek. I was fairly certain I could do this myself and do it in an adult version (above). It took under 10 minutes and the cost is minimal. In fact, you may have most (maybe all) of the necessary supplies. Or, if you're like me, you may have supplies you can make do with. I love the lace a backdrop for these photos. The scenery is still visible but the lace gives that soft, Southern flair. More photos are available here.

I think this project works for children and adults alike. : )

Hula Hoop
Curtain (use two for added coverage)
Duck Tape
And pillows/blankets for the ground

1. Remove staples from hula hoop
2. Thread curtain to hula hoop
3. Latch hula hoop with... duck tape. : ) (an Appalachian staple)
4. Use twine to wrap around hula hoop and create a hanger
5. You can also add ribbon or other embellishments
6. Hang hula hoop from your favorite tree

For the original supply list and directions from Summer Day Camp, click here. The supplies include a sheet and pins vs. curtain.

The total cost of this project was... $2. I just needed the hula hoop and twine, which I purchased from the local dollar store.

Enjoy creating!


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  6. OMG just only $2. how is it possible? WOW you are a briliant.I've got the idea from your post and of course I will apply it.where will I get the hula hoop?