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One of the most important lessons my parents have taught me is to not let your circumstance stand in the way of doing [insert action here].

Over the last two years {and today} I have come to learn how to best manage my neck and thoracic outlet syndrome when it comes to fitness. There are days I feel as though I could compete in an agility course and other days I can't hold a weight. Neck, arm and hand pain and numbness are difficult to "work with" but if there's one thing I know, sitting still isn't the answer for feeling better. The answer is just the opposite.

I have gone through those moments of aggravation and ceasing all activity. When I couldn't do a certain movement or exercise, I would think about the fact I can't do it versus identifying a way to modify. I still have those moments but am improving.

Whatever your circumstance, know there is a way to exercise. There are many programs on the market and in different outlets. From live classes to online, the program for you exists. The key is keeping you in mind and learning what works best. It's very difficult to hear others' advice but not be able to perform or "feel it." That aggravation sets back in.

After trying my best to keep up my kettle bell workouts, I have accepted I must leave it stationary if I can't grip it. Fortunately, after exploring a few trials of online programs, I found one that works for me! You've probably heard of it but maybe haven't explored it- Barre3.

This program addresses my fitness goals and is as close to customizable as one can get to meeting my availability and interests. I feel stronger, taller and leaner. You can select workouts based on length of workout, props and body focus. The program combines ballet, yoga and Pilates. If only we had a studio nearby...

An online subscription is only $15 a month.

If you're looking for a new program, check out Barre3. Take the time to explore options and select an approach that helps you meet your health and fitness goals.

And, don't forget to stretch.

Whatever your ailments or doubts, know you are fearfully and wonderfully made and He will direct your path. You must listen to Him and your body and move forward. Don't stop moving.

Do you have any program favorites or suggestions for me? Comment below. I'd love to hear them.

(this is not a sponsored post)

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