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A Decade in "I Do"



After a hiatus to manage distance and life and celebrate togetherness, I'm excited to rejoin the blogosphere.
Welcome to Folk + Honey 2016 {almost 2017}!

Live in His Wonder

The past few weeks have been... different, to say the least. With my husband miles away pursuing his dream that is nothing less than challenging, we have been in a state of wonder. We wonder what the other is doing, how the other is feeling, what life will be like after the training period, but most all, how great our Savior's works are. I have shared my heart's will to invest in wonder (here) and am grateful for this platform to remind myself, challenge myself, and praise Him for His wondrous works. 

Valentine's Day: ALWAYS Celebrate Love

This year's Valentine's Day is perhaps the most significant in my marriage. It's the first Valentine's Day that I do not get to see my husband's face, hold his hand, be embraced or kiss his sweet lips. Despite those "withouts," it's the first Valentine's Day that has inspired me more than any other.

Your Support

When Travis first shared his desire to join the military, one of the first topics we discussed was a support system. From the beginning, his worry for me showed. He wanted to make sure I was 100% committed and that I would be taken care of in his absence. I don't know how many times he asked "are you sure?"

A few years ago we were given the opportunity to return to our hometown. We didn't know it at the time but this move set in motion this journey we are now on. Having our parents and other family and friends nearby has eased our minds. From the moment we shared the decision to become an Army family, the show of support has been deeply touching. It is very difficult to convey all the pieces God weaved together for this part of our lives. We never could have foreseen the love we would share and receive.

From our closest loved ones to our church family to friends we had lost touch with to veterans to military families to souls we do not know, the encouragement you have shared is overwhelming. The notes, no matter how short or long, put a smile on my face and are answers to prayers.

To all military families, I am in awe of you and thank you! The connection we feel is one only we can understand. There's a peace in that connection and for it, we are grateful.

I love hearing from you all. If you would like to connect, please reach out to me! You can click the follow links at the top right of my blog, email or comment.

To those in need, I am here.

God Bless and Thank You!

A Smile Awaits

These photos are new to my blog! What I love most about them is that they capture our unfolding laughter in conversation.

There are many qualities I find too cute in my husband. By far, his smile and laughter touches my soul more than anything else. Since making the decision to join the Army, his smile has become even brighter and his laughter even deeper. I'm not the only one who has noticed. His family and friends recognize it as well.

Something was missing in his life- purpose, commitment and a challenge. Since accepting the call to be a Soldier, I've seen a new energy in him. He knew the tug was set there by God and he needed to dive in, regardless of concerns. Many have asked why he decided to join, especially at his age. When you ask a service member this question, you will not receive a simple answer. It is complex. And, I see him struggle to relay the purpose he feels to defend the nation and its people. There's a connectivity and drive in these individuals that is difficult to express unless you're a part of it. 

There was wonder in our hearts for this journey and it's only been amplified since he gave the oath.

Now, I wonder what emotions his smile will share when I see him after graduation. I imagine it will bear more confidence and hope. And, more excitement to see me and his family. : )

I have not seen my husband in a few weeks now. The time does not compare to what others have experienced and it will get longer. But, I find myself praising him constantly and admiring him from afar. The "little things" shine brighter and my hope continues to swell. 

Documenting our life experiences is a time for reflection and outlook. Despite the days that are filled with sadness, I am hopeful for the days that are to come for I know they will grow, challenge, and shape us into the servants and missionaries God intends.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

God Bless!

A 'New York' State of Mind

Travis visited NYC early into our relationship and has longed to take me ever since. From dazzling decorated store windows to entertainment to shopping and dining, he wanted me to have the full NYC experience. But, I knew he also wanted to experience it for himself again.

We were lucky to have a full week off work together before he left for basic training... We had thought about an overnight trip to a local retreat or a stay-cation. But, I woke up one morning and thought "why not?" Why not go to NYC? There's really no reason.

The only barrier was transportation to NYC. I wasn't keen on flying and driving was definitely out. We've always been curious about traveling by train. Luckily, we found Amtrak tickets and were on our way! We LOVED traveling by train. Although not as fast as flying, there are less security measures, dining cars, full reclining seats and breaks to stretch out. The train was very clean and also had wifi. We have no complaints!

Our trip was nonstop fun! From dining to entertainment to sightseeing, we embraced all NYC has to offer. We are both thankful for the time and experiences. It's a trip we'll never forget!

A few stops along our way include:
Central Park
Empire State Building
Radio City Music Hall (the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular is worthy of its own post)
NYC Public Library
The Plaza Hotel
Rockefeller Center
Times Square
Carnegie Hall
911 Memorial & Financial District
Yankee Stadium
(we just had to visit as many "Home Alone 2" stops as possible)

Below are a few photos from our adventure. Most pictures are actually on Travis' phone... He has some great ones! I'll have to update these once he returns home. : )

I don't think breakfast food will ever compare to Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant! I want bacon!


We hope to visit again! But, in a warmer season. I'm so glad I experienced a Christmassy NYC. It would be nice to not shiver the entire visit though. ; )

Trust the Wonder


In the Army Now (Week 00)

Today marks day 5, or Week 00 Day 05 as the Army would say, of our "In the Army Now" life.