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A 'New York' State of Mind

Travis visited NYC early into our relationship and has longed to take me ever since. From dazzling decorated store windows to entertainment to shopping and dining, he wanted me to have the full NYC experience. But, I knew he also wanted to experience it for himself again.

We were lucky to have a full week off work together before he left for basic training... We had thought about an overnight trip to a local retreat or a stay-cation. But, I woke up one morning and thought "why not?" Why not go to NYC? There's really no reason.

The only barrier was transportation to NYC. I wasn't keen on flying and driving was definitely out. We've always been curious about traveling by train. Luckily, we found Amtrak tickets and were on our way! We LOVED traveling by train. Although not as fast as flying, there are less security measures, dining cars, full reclining seats and breaks to stretch out. The train was very clean and also had wifi. We have no complaints!

Our trip was nonstop fun! From dining to entertainment to sightseeing, we embraced all NYC has to offer. We are both thankful for the time and experiences. It's a trip we'll never forget!

A few stops along our way include:
Central Park
Empire State Building
Radio City Music Hall (the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular is worthy of its own post)
NYC Public Library
The Plaza Hotel
Rockefeller Center
Times Square
Carnegie Hall
911 Memorial & Financial District
Yankee Stadium
(we just had to visit as many "Home Alone 2" stops as possible)

Below are a few photos from our adventure. Most pictures are actually on Travis' phone... He has some great ones! I'll have to update these once he returns home. : )

I don't think breakfast food will ever compare to Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant! I want bacon!


We hope to visit again! But, in a warmer season. I'm so glad I experienced a Christmassy NYC. It would be nice to not shiver the entire visit though. ; )


  1. I am so glad I logged back into my blog. This was the first blog that popped up. I am glad you got to experience New York. You both looked lovely and that you two had a great time.

    1. Hi Jordy! It is so good to see your name! Thank you for the kind words. I just started maintaining my blog more regularly. Hope to hear more from you soon!