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A Smile Awaits

These photos are new to my blog! What I love most about them is that they capture our unfolding laughter in conversation.

There are many qualities I find too cute in my husband. By far, his smile and laughter touches my soul more than anything else. Since making the decision to join the Army, his smile has become even brighter and his laughter even deeper. I'm not the only one who has noticed. His family and friends recognize it as well.

Something was missing in his life- purpose, commitment and a challenge. Since accepting the call to be a Soldier, I've seen a new energy in him. He knew the tug was set there by God and he needed to dive in, regardless of concerns. Many have asked why he decided to join, especially at his age. When you ask a service member this question, you will not receive a simple answer. It is complex. And, I see him struggle to relay the purpose he feels to defend the nation and its people. There's a connectivity and drive in these individuals that is difficult to express unless you're a part of it. 

There was wonder in our hearts for this journey and it's only been amplified since he gave the oath.

Now, I wonder what emotions his smile will share when I see him after graduation. I imagine it will bear more confidence and hope. And, more excitement to see me and his family. : )

I have not seen my husband in a few weeks now. The time does not compare to what others have experienced and it will get longer. But, I find myself praising him constantly and admiring him from afar. The "little things" shine brighter and my hope continues to swell. 

Documenting our life experiences is a time for reflection and outlook. Despite the days that are filled with sadness, I am hopeful for the days that are to come for I know they will grow, challenge, and shape us into the servants and missionaries God intends.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

God Bless!

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