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In the Army Now (Week 00)

Today marks day 5, or Week 00 Day 05 as the Army would say, of our "In the Army Now" life.

The last day I felt his comforting, loving embrace was Monday. I fought back the tears and managed to mutter "I'm proud of you" before I let go. A calm came over me and I could see it in him too.

Since that day I have protected my phone better than anything I have ever owned or been responsible for. I check every five minutes to make sure it's working properly. Thankfully, two incoming unknown callers have been him. He sounds calm, confident and strong. He seems to be adopting the "Army Strong" persona without hindrance. Soon, he and I will both be tested to a new level. Basic Combat Training for him and 90% unknown for me. I know the times the mailman makes his route... but, I foresee 10 trips to the mailbox a day just hoping a letter is in the mix of bills and sales papers. The 10% known is that letters will come, eventually.

For this day, experience, life we have prayed. His oath was years in the making. As I made the drive home Monday I turned to my comfort, my God. The Christian radio station seemed to play music meant solely for me. The first lyric hit deep to my soul- "This is the day when life begins" (Phil Wickham). While this song's intent is different, the meaning for me was God's confirmation of the decision. The tears that streamed were full of emotions I never knew existed.

I miss him deeply. I long to see his face, smiling or not. I long to be held. Mostly, I long to know... It is a continual prayer to know he is well. God has weaved together a plan for us we never saw coming. I have a support system I never dreamed existed outside my immediate family. I have brothers and sisters in Christ, sharing unbreakable bonds and understanding. We are covered in prayer for protection, comfort, and our love to grow in times of distance.

To you I give our sincerest thanks. You have gone above and beyond to show us your care. Our hearts are full of gratitude and this outweighs our sadness.

"Can you see it?
A light shines into the darkness
Bringing hope to the hopeless
It's leading you to life"
-Phil Wickham-

Week 01, Day 01 is on the horizon.
He's in the Army now and we will never look back, only forward to the rewards.

God Bless

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