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Trust the Wonder

photo by megan rhea photography

The past few days have been filled with awe.

After months of prayers and planning, my place of worship launched into 2016 in a big way. There's a new look... but, moreover, a renewed outlook in our hearts!

This vision was set in motion after attending Catalyst Atlanta in October 2015. There, our hearts were set on fire! The theme was "Awaken the Wonder" and it couldn't have been more fitting for me. I am a creative. I dream, visualize, and think of the "impossible." Ideas flooded our minds! Sunday was a cumulation of those ideas + others He put on our hearts.

I was excited as I made my way to the sanctuary for Sunday's service. With a polaroid in hand, I headed to my seat. As the choir sang, hearts rejoiced. The spirit covered us and reached deep into our hearts. The pastor spoke on "His Mark." Our grateful hearts were inspired and we wrote our desires on our polaroid.

The word "wonder" has driven my existence since Catalyst. It drives my approach to everything- mostly, my wonder in the Creator and His Son. I wrote "trust and wonder" which led me to arrive at "trust the wonder." God gave me an imaginative soul and I will let it reign for him! I will wonder and trust that the thoughts He gives me will come to be and will do good, in all life's aspects.

As Travis and I enter a new journey, I often wonder what the outcomes will be. I pray to trust in the outcomes He tells me will be!

I will let the wonder fill me and I will trust in it. Like the wonder that emanates from the fields and mountains, I will let mine grow.

What does your heart desire? I pray you trust in yourself to fulfill it.

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