Valentine's Day: ALWAYS Celebrate Love

Sunday, February 14, 2016

This year's Valentine's Day is perhaps the most significant in my marriage. It's the first Valentine's Day that I do not get to see my husband's face, hold his hand, be embraced or kiss his sweet lips. Despite those "withouts," it's the first Valentine's Day that has inspired me more than any other.
Today, I have felt the love of our savior Jesus Christ, the love of my husband, the love of my family and the love of my friends. We love because He first loved us. How coincidental that this year's Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday in the time in which my husband is miles away? In each letter I receive from my husband, he talks of the comfort he feels on Sundays. It is his "down" time which gives him an opportunity to reflect, hope, and worship. He always mentions that on the Lord's Day, he smiles knowing I am in the Lord's House and surrounded by my brothers and sisters in Christ. We are blessed and thankful for His comforting and inspiring love! How at ease my heart is today!

And, how determined my heart is today! I have followed Audrey + Jeremy Roloff via her blog AujPoj for some time now. They are believers and so in love and launched a campaign today called Beating 50 Percent. Being apart from my husband with little communication is challenging, but with His grace we are both hopeful for the promises to come! We are "dreaming in the plan God has for us" (quoted from Travis Jenkins) and put our faith in Jesus! When we exchanged our vows on 07.22.2006, we never anticipated the journey He would lead us on as well as the fight the devil would launch. Travis battled with his purpose and with time came to listen to God's call to serve this great nation. I am committed to him and he is committed to me. Together, we are committed to listening and living. We can only live His plan by trusting in Him. With Him, we will beat the 50 percent. With Him, we give one another our all. With Him, we will hope for what lies in the distance and believe in the good.

I encourage you to visit the Beating50Percent site and share your story. Let us all fight and protect our commitment with Him. Live in His Love. Always celebrate love.

God Bless

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