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After a hiatus to manage distance and life and celebrate togetherness, I'm excited to rejoin the blogosphere.
Welcome to Folk + Honey 2016 {almost 2017}!
In case you missed it, my hubby joined the Army National Guard and took flight in January to complete almost 6 months of training across two states to become a warrior. During his absence, I devoted time to supporting him (and myself), my career and our home. Since his return we have spent our days exploring, catching up on our dining out habits, movie binging and celebrating the completion of one journey and the beginning of another. We both feel as though our love + life story has expanded quite exponentially and has turned into a book series vs. book. You know how people often say we live life in chapters? I believe life is more detailed and surprising than one book can hold. We're into another book in our series and we're truly embracing every storyline that unfolds.

As we pray for our family to grow and our lives to continue to be filled by God's grace, we want to celebrate our ability to now hold hands daily, embrace one another without restriction, and bask in His wonder. Photos visually reveal the emotions, thoughts, and dreams that are intertwined in our hearts. Our wedding song is Lifehouse's You and Me and throughout our relationship the lyrics have related in new ways. This holds true for us now and one thing is sure... we have a hard time taking our eyes off of one another. We hope you enjoy our latest photos and can feel all the wondrous love and appreciation we share for one another, this glorious land we call home, and the blessings bestowed on us. I am eager to share more in the next few weeks about our love story! Being apart for 6 months changes and reveals much.

{YOU + ME}
A very special thanks to Suzanne Garland of Suzanne Garland Photography for these beautiful images. And, moreso, in keeping with the tone of this post and our feelings, a special thanks to her and her husband for their commitments to this great Nation. Thank you for your service!

Thank you for welcoming us back to FOLK + HONEY and for being in our story.

We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

More to come!

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