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It took a little time, but I have officially become an "oily." I don't know about you, but I am a skeptic. The "in" product of the moment is a deterrent for me. So, what's led me to become a believer of essential oils?

My journey to even considering essential oils is a lengthy one. A few years ago I fell ill; I battled neck pain, nerve pain, headaches and exhaustion. Months of testing revealed a chronic condition which I am thankful to say has been practically silent for almost a year now. But, the conversations that came about as a result of that diagnosis set me on a new direction for improved health and well-being. First, I changed my diet (which is also a result of allergies). I committed to smaller portions and less sugar intake, which meant kicking soda to the curb. I will still drink a Coke with a meal but much, much less often.

I also embarked on a new fitness journey. Considering I have almost zero strength in my right hand due to my condition, I had to seek alternatives to weight lifting, which has always been my favorite workout approach. As a child I loved ballet and have always responded well to full body exercises. I landed on Barre3 and LOVE it!

So, after all that, I met up with the sweetest gal from the mountains of NC whom I have much in common with. She's a talented photographer and a Young Living fan. As a Young Living consultant, she shared her health and wellness story with me and I couldn't deny the appeal of essential oils. I decided to jump on board, but started out slow and committed time to understanding the process. Due to my peanut and tree nut allergy, we also had to ensure we avoided a potential allergen contact.

 My sweet hubby works in one of the most stressful environments known and during the academic year I work at least 50 hours a week. The first oil we tried was Stress Away. OMG! Within two minutes of diffusing this oil, my husband said, "I already feel better." I don't know about you, but a manly man making that comment made me a believer! It also made so happy to find something that seems so simple be a solution.

Next, we moved onto single oils and combinations to improve sleep, allergy relief, pain relief and cleanliness. We began our oily journey with the basic starter kit and have since joined the essential rewards program and expanded our supply. I'm moving into the Thieves line and have Rose Ointment on its way to help relieve my eczema.

Now, the real question for me is... Have oils helped prevent me from getting the flu??? I can't take the flu shot/spray and somehow made it this year (so far) without falling victim to the flu. I wonder...

Stress Away
Peace & Calm

All of our needs have been met and we're so excited to continue this path. I feel kinda bad for being so skeptical... If you're a skeptic or want to know more, please don't wait to jump in! Email me at with questions or challenges. ; ) You can also comment below!
Order your kit/oils today via my link and member number: 11209822. You can start out with a kit OR stay as a retail customer.

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