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The Mountains Were Calling (Part II)

Writing today's post couldn't come at a better time- the temperature is in the 70s and the breeze is a welcome sign of Fall's approach. I've been prepping for classes to start on Monday but decided to take some personal time and enjoy this mild weather from my deck chairs, complete with Esme lounging on my lap. I've mastered multitasking while accommodating her neediness.

I hope you enjoyed Part I of our mountain vacation story and found some inspiration for your own getaway! I received several messages from some of you sharing that you've already booked a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains for Fall foliage.
If you haven't booked, don't delay any longer or you may miss out!

Now, to continue to Part II of our story.

Day 3 started off with some rain showers but held hope of clearing skies. We drove about 40 minutes to Chimney Rock and Lake Lure for a day of exploration. We knew the actual Chimey Rock was a must-see but didn't have any other plans. We decided to stop by the visitor center, which we NEVER do in new towns, and discovered our options for adventure were numerous. We decided to grab lunch at La Strada before heading up to Chimney Rock. We dined outside with a lake view and enjoyed a delicious meal of warm pimento cheese dip with bread and pizza. Guys, it was so good.
Next, we headed up to Chimeny Rock (500 steps) then hiked (walked) the Hickory Nut Trail to this amazing waterfall! We just sat there for quite some time enjoying the crisp water and air and the view of the mountain across the way. We didn't realize this was a prime swimming spot so if you go, wear swimsuits!

(Chimney Rock State Park has an elevator but it was out of service when we visited. If the steps are a concern just call ahead).
Although wet and a bit chilled we headed to enjoy Lake Lure itself and the Flowering Bridge.
So cute.
All that action left us hungry (and tired)... we weren't really in the mindset to go to downtown Asheville (nor dry yet) so we decided to try out a BBQ stop in Black Mountain. Before I give my thoughts, let me say nothing does or ever will come close to Ridgewood BBQ so I'm usually not able to say much positive about anywhere else. lol But, this place was good and serves pulled, or diced, pork. The sides were yummy, too.

Feeling a bit refreshed, we decided to get ice cream at Kilwin's and drive just a few miles past Black Mountain to Montreat. The college campus there is so beautiful and made for a nice evening walk setting.
We agreed that this day was our best day of vacay! While planning is great, we always enjoy a few surprise finds and this day had several!

I'll share our final vacation experience in Part III next week! 

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